WBA Bench Endorsements

The Williamsburg Bar Association has voted to endorse Hon. Jeffrey W. Shaw, presiding judge of the General District Court for the County of Gloucester for the Circuit Court vacancy and Michael T. Soberick, Esq. for the potential vacancy in the General District Court. Click here to read the official letter. 

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Tidewater Rights Restoration Project Needs Attorneys!

reviveThe Tidewater Rights Restoration Project (TRRP) seeks local attorneys interested in supervising William & Mary Law students to help Virginians with prior non-violent felony convictions regain their right to vote. TRRP also seeks financial support—no amount is too small. If you are interested in taking part or supporting TRRP, or if you have questions about the project, please contact Mark Listes via email at trrp@wm.edu or by phone at (757) 707-1664. Thank you!