Jamie Jordan


Walt Zaremba with the Zaremba Center – Estate Planning and Elder Law is proud to announce the hiring of a new associate, Jamie Jordan.

Jamie L. Jordan began her legal career in 2007 as Assistant General Counsel for the Florida Department of Corrections concentrating on rulemaking, employment law, contract law, and public relations. Jamie’s talents for efficiency and organization along with her employment law experience brought her to Virginia where she supported the US Army’s TRADOC CORE G2 as a contractor for BAE Systems for four years. Eager to return to practicing law full-time she has found her home at the Zaremba Center.

Jamie’s road to estate planning and administration began in high school, even though she is first – in a long line of farmers, teachers, and blue collar workers to do so. Always passionate about the environment she envisioned practicing environmental law, but after seeing the estate problems that arose after her mother passed away, she found something that she was even more passionate about – helping people avoid the issues, frustration, and possible estate taxes that her family faced and her father still faces due to improper estate planning.

Most people put off Estate Planning because they don’t want to think about their own mortality. While this view is understandable, Jamie wants to help her clients see it in a much more positive light. She wants to be able to give people the peace of mind of knowing that when they leave our office their loved ones will be provided for and the things they have worked so hard for will be protected. Jamie’s view of estate planning and the goals she has for clients fit well with the firm’s mission to ensure that our clients are provided with estate plans that “work”. In other words, the firm is committed to creating an estate plan, tailored to the individual client that enables the client, not the court system or governmental bureaucracies, to stay in control of their health and wealth regardless of their current and future circumstances.

Jamie earned her B.A. in Public Affairs from Huntingdon College in Montgomery, AL, where she played intercollegiate volleyball for the Huntingdon Hawks, was the vice commodore of the sailing club; and taught English and American culture in China. She earned her J.D. from Florida State University College of Law where she focused on Estate Planning, Land Use, and Environmental Law and was fortunate enough to spend a semester studying British Law at Oxford University – St. Edmund Hall in Oxford, England. She stays grounded to her Alabama farming roots by volunteering as a Master Gardener in York County and tending to her large garden and small flock of chickens.